Q. What kind of trips do you do?

A. Any and all! It could be a charter with a family of 4 sailing through the Mediterranean for a week, or a private high end expedition to the furthest corners of the world for a month!


Q. How much do i charge? who covers Travel to and from the yacht?

A.  Due to the many variables, please contact me to discuss rates + packages. Special rates for 7+ Days and 14+ Days.


Q. Do i sign on as regular crew member or as a guest?

A. Depends on the situation, however since I wont have any designated safety responsibilities, I usually wont be signed on as crew. As far as sleeping/eating arrangements are concerned, I am more then happy with what ever is available as I am working 24/7 regardless.


Q. What about Visas?

A. I am fortunate enough to have both a Canadian and South African Passport, so there are very few countries in the world I need to apply for a visa before entering. 


Q. Who supplies camera equipment?

A. I am solo mobile camera crew and editing studio. I use all of my own gear ie. Cameras, drones, underwater housings, editing equipment etc, which is all compact enough to fit in regular size luggage. However if you have gear you want me to use, or combine with footage from other crew I am more then happy to incorporate that in. 


Q. do you do underwater and aerial?

A. I sure do! I have a high-end underwater housing for my main camera, and have just recently completed my PADI Divemasters cert. I also have over 4 years extensive experience filming with drones and am totally comfortable shooting from a helicopter.