More than ever, yacht owners and captains are on the hunt for new, and exciting cruising grounds. From the tropical island-magic of the Indian and South Pacific Oceans, to the icy rugged waters of the Arctic surrounding Canada, Iceland and Norway. Along with these new destinations comes the desire to have this once in a lifetime journey documented, and documented well ...

As an award-winning filmmaker, with my eyes and lens set on the horizon, I envisioned an unmet need in the industry. At the dawn of 2018, Luxury Yacht Films was born.

If you can film there, you can film anywhere. The Arctic presents issues you don’t have to deal with anywhere else in the world.”
— JR Productions

My ambitions in film are complemented with 10 years’ experience as crew, a captain’s license (MCA Masters 3000GT), FAA Drone Licence, PADI Dive Masters and Advanced Freediver Cert, making for a truly unique product and unsurpassed luxury service.

Knowing the luxury yachting industry, its owners, captains and the crew dynamics inside and out, now puts me in a position to seamlessly join any kind of vessel.


A few of the Vessels I have been fortunate enough to Film/Photograph onboard:

Occasionally on the other end of lens - Illulisat, Greenland

Occasionally on the other end of lens - Illulisat, Greenland