A life changing 16 days spent off the pacific coast of British Columbia onboard the famous explorer vessel Nautilus. During this time I was responsible for documenting the team of scientists, ROV pilots and crew exploring, sampling and mapping the off shore sea mounts area. It was an honor to be part of such a team and can't wait for my next expedition like this! This is a short "Ad" type video I made for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada while onboard! It was great to work alongside Oceana Canada, Ocean Networks Canada and the Haida Nations.

"lyf in Croatia"

What an incredible 2 week guest-shoot sailing up the coast of Croatia on the 46m sail yacht Antara! I haven’t spent a ton of time in the med so I was really excited for this one! We started the journey north from a small port near Dubrovnik. We had brilliant weather throughout, taking advantage of all the beautiful bays and small villages along the way. It was an absolute treat to have done it in such style and with such amazing guests and crew onboard. The shoot went perfect, tons of beautiful photos shared, and I presented a 20 minute movie on the final night of the trip. It was a very peaceful, relaxing trip filled with great memories, food and laughter. I’m very happy with the delivered product and so were they! With this 1 minute public version, I really wanted to flex some creativity. I experimented with a lot of new things: Angles, masking, cuts, overlays, speed ramping and transitions, so I hope you enjoy it!

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"iconic Superyacht Savannah exploring Cocos Island"

My first repeat client, Savannah brought me back onboard for their Cocos Island Scuba diving expedition. We spent an incredible 4 days at the island, diving 3 times a day, enjoying the beauty that this region has to offer. On route back to the mainland we were lucky enough to spend a magical afternoon with the dolphin super pod! Simply outstanding!  

Public short edit to come soon!

"Cocos island onboard Superyacht spirit"

I was hired to film onboard the beautiful 55m Amels M/y Spirit sailing from Costa Rica to Cocos Island for a week. It was an absolute blast, packed with amazing shark diving, and the most incredible experience of our lives, swimming with a + 2000 dolphin super pod in the middle of the pacific! I hope you love this public version as much as I do!

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"Galapagos Charter Yacht passion"

I was fortunate enough to spend an incredible 3 weeks cruising to every corner of the archipelago onboard the 48m charter M/y Passion. Over that time, I filmed and photographed 3 guest trips, of which each were given their own custom movie. This was the final trip onboard, charted by a group of professional photographers, hollywood film producers, and sport tv presenters. Please enjoy this wildlife packed FULL version below!

Full length movie

"Superyacht savannah - Galapagos 2018"

Christmas and NYE this year I was onboard the magnificent 83m Feadship M/y Savannah in the Galapagos. The superyacht's sheer beauty combined with picturesque landscapes and diverse wildlife of the Galapagos, created an unparalleled filming opportunity.  Please enjoy the action packed 1 minute public version below. 

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"The highest Latitude: An arctic Svalbard Expedition"

WINNER of Best Amateur Film at the 2017 Wildlife Conservation Film festival (WCFF) in NYC

WINNER of the 2017 Boat International Super Yacht Awards Special Award for Outstanding Video

Join the crew of the 45m luxury motor yacht Latitude as they voyage the icy, rugged waters of the Norwegian Arctic, sailing beyond historic limits, venturing to the top of the world towards the North Pole. After multiple Arctic seasons earning their salt, in the summer of 2016, the crew embarked on their most extreme adventure yet, an attempt to reach a record highest latitude.

In this remote corner of the world, wildlife still thrives. The crew shared time with polar bears, some of the world's largest whales, bathing walrus, herds of reindeer, and a particularly curious litter of Arctic foxes, to mention but a few of their encounters. The 16 sailors on board -a cosmopolitan crew from all walks of life, drawn together by their adventurous spirits- explored by foot, watercraft, and air, filming the ice bergs, glaciers, and spectacular aurora borealis. 

By documenting their hull-class record setting voyage to near 82° North, their animal encounters and the stunning landscapes, the crew of the M/Y Latitude remind us what raw, natural beauty still exists in our polar oceans, and the innate value of this pristine habitat.

Full length Movie

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"The Northwest Passage"

M/y Latitude : Winner of the 2016 Boat International Super Yacht Awards "Voyager yacht of year" award

Join us through 2 summers onboard the luxury motor yacht Latitude, in the Canadian Arctic, particularly the Northwest Passage. An unknown waterway to many, rich with history and unique wildlife.

Full length Movie